Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Little One

My back surgery will have to wait because my body is working on a project with ten little fingers and ten little toes. That's right, I am going to be a mommy and Jeremy is going to be a father. We are both very excited for the new addition to our family and very edger to find out what the sex is. The Ultrasound 8 Weeks was August the 6th. They took seven and a half vials of blood and did every test known to man kind. I have been going to the woman's hospital in Lexington Ky. It is part of Saint Joe East and my OB is Anthony Smith. They all treated me and my baby with care and was very gentle with me. It was quicker than I thought it would be and I was almost sad when it was over.

I am happy to announce though that after two weeks of throwing everything up and having lost 15 pounds since July 5th, I haven't thrown anything up in three days! Thank goodness because the baby was starting to wear me out. It isn't even an inch yet and I am already sick, losing sleep, and uncomfortable.

The baby does mean that the second novel may be delayed. I am sorry but priority. I am still working on it though, just a little slower.

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