Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Old News

Just thinking about playing around with some of my old projects and stories, thinking about reviving some old characters like Kaleb Porter, The Lycan Prince. His story is a particular that i'd really like to play with. I've been thinking about beginnings and reconstructions all day long, It's driving me insane! Although this side project will be on the back burner because I for one am not all that thrilled to be facing that part of my life with a shovel again, it's important not to get carried away. That is the goal; use a shovel, not a bulldozer.

Anyways the things I have planned for the prince are far and wide, I cannot be sure what I will throw out the window and what I will keep so team work!! I need my writing crew and Word Press Divas to get in order and to get ready for everything I am about to throw their way. It is to be decided whether this project is going to be under my pen name or not; but until then I will treat it as Chastine Perkins writing.

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