Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Strength is the thing that is drawn from deep inside you when everything else fails. Strength is that feeling of regret that swallows all hopelessness up; it takes everything in you to push through a hazy curtain that knocks you down.  It is when there is nothing left but to throw yourself over a cliff to give everything you’ve been ever fighting for; when you can only sacrifice yourself to save the one thing you couldn’t possibly live without.
Strength is when you look into her beaten eyes and see only one answer, to lose yourself- When her pale skin is covered in blood and bruises, all you can see is a way out. It is that very moment when you can hear her heart beat and you decide it is worth the cost of living. There is no other way than to give your life to protect hers, to sell your very soul to free hers. The decision beyond all odds is when you are faced with life or death. Strength is leaving your family knowing that they are better off without you, tearing your heart out just to see them smile. Your family is all you have and it is nothing compared to what you will face.
In the end I knew a man who explained that strength is the essence in which you kill or be killed. It is the Bosses game and only can he change the rules. This man was one I came to hate as my strength left me. Damon, he was what stood between me and the Boss, right and wrong. He was what pushed me to the cliff with no questions; just self-sacrifice.

He warned me about this moment; the moment when I would be faced with a horrible decision. Kill or be killed. Too bad I’m not as strong as him.

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