Friday, May 18, 2012

Westboro Babtist Church

May 7th, 2012, Private Dustin Gross sadly died in combat. He had been stationed in afghanistan, Ghanzi Province, for 42 days before his vehicle hit a roadside bomb, killing five; He graduated from Montgomery County high school june 2011. Westboro Babtist Church arrvied in Mt. Sterling to protest his coming home. The group has earned the hated lable of 'Cult.' This anti-gay group was lead by sherly Phleps, the church pastor is Fred Phelps. They stayed at the Ramada Inn. Mt. Sterling was in an uproar as the group assymbled to protest his body's return, the visitation, and his funeral. This church goes from city to city protesting the funerals of fallen soliders. What fallen soliders have anything to do with Gay rights is beyond me. They died for our country and they died to protect morons like the westboro idiots. This church\cult needs to be protested against and shut down. They are taking the first amendment and twisting it so they can hate on our only protection and harrass greiving Americans. They are unethical and a "disgrace to the word of god." My friend and I have been fighting hard against this church, although our attempts are seeming more and more mundan. We are trying to raise awareness about this church\cult and finding ways to potentually shut them down. They clam to be children of god but God hates no one. God clearly states in the bible to love your enemy as yourself and threat your enemies body as you would want them to treat yours. Where does it say that celebrating a soldires death and protesting their eternal rest is right? I've read the bible and no where did I see that memo. They are ruining the good book by putting it in these hateful rallies, they are cowards for hiding behinde the "Word of god" and saying what they wish. These rallies are nothing more than hate rallies and must be stopped. I didn't know that these people where even on the radar before Dustin's funeral but I know now and I will use my body, heart, religon, will, and faith to stop them. The slodiers family should be able to moarn in peace and without the harrassment of Sherly, Fred phelps! Please help me raise awarness about this and if you see them protesting then do what you can to stop them, counter-protest but I encourage you not to touch them. They get money from sueing over assults.

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