Thursday, March 8, 2012

The struggles

Every now and then,
I want to feel the pain,
I let my self wonder,
How the hell have you been.

I put your music on,
listen to your voice,
let anger bubble inside me,
cause you left me no choice.

I always have to be strong,
I never could break down,
I was never allowed to cry,
you made me into a clown.

You never took my hand,
you never hid my tears,
you never made me better,
and you never conqured my fears.

A real man would have helped me,
A real man would have said,
"Baby i'll make it better,
just lay with me in bed."

But you threw words at me,
You hurt me in the worst way.
You called me provocative terms,
and so your as low as worms.

So every now and then,
I let my walls come down,
I hit my knees and wonder,
What if you had never left town.

Where would we be,
If you were still here.
Would I still be hurting,
or would i be drown in your flirting?

Yes, just every now and then,
I have to hide the pain,
I wash my hands clean,
and leave your memory in the drain.

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