Monday, February 27, 2012

Raining on Samuel

For thoses who may know and even those who may not, Raining on Samuel is my newest book. It is not out yet but it is currently being edited and revised. It is about the after math of a kidnapping; Gabbi had been missing for three months until one day she was found wandering the streets unaware of who or where she was. Her therapist Cy vows to help and protect her but what should he do when she needs protecting from himself as well as the rest of the world? Gabbi's world has become nonsense and everything has turned upside down.

"Gabbi, if you take care of your mind then I can take care of the voice that rules it and if you trust me then I can take care of the pain; but only if you trust me."

Intiment moments like this take my heart as well as my readers, or group of editors, on wild rides. I can already tell that Raining on Samuel is going to be better than my first book in many aspects.

Honestly I fell in love with Cy, amazed by how he acts and how he feels. He may just be a character in a book but he has his own life and story between the pages. Anyone who has been in the room with me while I worked on this book knows that I (metephorically) close my eyes and let my mind wander. I am just a third person observer, no say in the matter, writing down what I see. granted that Raining on Samuel is 100% fictious, I still relationship with my characters.

"I am still waiting for you to hate me in the morning."

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