Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The battered update

In case anyone decides to start reading my lonely blog by some merical, lets talk about the update on Battered Butterflies. A publisher has called and is requesting to talk to me about it, exciting I know.

I am on chapter 8 of 'Raining on Samuel.' It is coming along nicely and I am mildly ashamed to say that I believe it will be better than Battered Butterflies. I am not going to put it up for sneak peeks until it is fully done. well maybe I will put the prolouge up here but thats all.

I am writing a collection of peopms from my high school experience. I am going to call it 'Letteres of Insanity.' I may put the first letter up and let you all decide weather or not is will be good. It is all my feeling stuck into one nice book, and dont be stupid please; I didnt feel all these emotions at once. If there is a poem or letter that you would like to ask me about, feel free to email me on my Gmail.

Tanner keeps saying naughty naughty words O.0

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