Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You against Me; Jenny Downham

When you have been hurt, you run to someone you trust. Someone like and older brother or parent. When Karyn is badly assaulted by a guy at school, she turns to her older brother, Mikey. After calling the cops and listening to Karyn's replay over and over, he decides he wants something. Something no one else can give but him. He wants Karyn's peace of mind. The only way to get that is through revenge. Revenge is a strong thing and it hurts more than your target.

Ellie has lost a brother, not technically lost him, but good enough. What do you do when word and hurt indirectly target you? What happens when someone gets hurt because of being falsely accused? They get hurt, and so does everyone else.

This book was extremely good. I am reading it for the second time, It is absolutely amazing. Hope you decide to read it to and hope you enjoy it :)

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