Friday, October 21, 2011

Wilted Roses

"The only thing to say is that I am half me. I am half Rose and half human, well I am half vampire. I am obligated to tell you that I have a thirst for revenge. A revenge that no one can possibly imagine. No one knows my target. I hear those girls talk, stall talk is nothing new. I have been alive for hundreds and hundres of years..."

"Excuse me, just how old are you" I let my body go alittle limp on the chair, making me look vunerable. I could feel his eyes on me, the rain had soaked me to the bone and I was stuck here talking to this man, or not. I hated it when humans intteruped me. it was so rude.

"It isnt nice to ask a lady her age." I looked him in the eyes, locked contact and smashed his skull.

An idea for a new book I want to work on :) Hope you all like it.

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