Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vampire Night; Matsuri Hino

This is a manga series so beware! It is extremely good, in the days I live in, I often find it a tad bit hard to be satisfied with vampires (with Twilight and all) This is the closest I have come to quenching that satisfaction though.

Cross Academy is occupied by both the day classes and the night classes. The day classes are full of humans and the night classes, naturally, is full of vampires. Yuki (main character) is in the day class and part of the disciplinary committee along with her adopted brother, Zero.

When Yuki was little a rouge vampire attacked her and almost killed her but she was mercifully saved by a vampire named Kaname. He took her to the headmaster of the Cross Academy and so the headmaster adopted her.

A few years later the headmaster adopted a little boy whose family had been killed by a snobby vampire. His name is Zero, Yuki vows to protect him no matter what but can she pledge her allegiance when she is loyal to the vampire who saved her so long ago?

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