Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh yes, The Slipped Disk

What has been common through out my high school experience? Back pain. My freshman year I broke up a fight between two boys and was thrown aginst a window = herniated disk. A year later (senior year and after surgery) = slipped disk. Bad news is this year I REALLY do have no idea how I did it. I was taking it easy and making sure I did nothing risky, I didnt even rock climb like I had planned for my 18th birth day :( how sad. The only thing I have done that could remotely be related it I have become addicted to Zumba! And for those who have no earthly idea on what Zumba is- it is a arobic/exoctic dance exercising step. You basically dance to latin music. That is due to the famous Don Omar; you may know him from the 'Fast and Furious' movies (he is the singer in the music of all of them) yeah after spanish I practically fell to my knees before him.

SO now here I am waiting for my oh so wonderful surgen (Dr.Tibbs) to call with an aptment. Oh and by the way I got the job at pizza hut! I don't intend on having surgery until the summer so my back will have to be neglected for a while. Well, lets look at this (and it is very logical too) if I have surgery as soon as possible, that will be during the winter. That means NO inclines and for those who have SEEN my hill, good luck. When it snows- no one is getting up in a car, so that means I will be walking. If I have surgery I can not walk up my hill and then POOF!

So I get a ride up the hill and I get to keep my job for a while, besides around that time I will have to quit anyways- for college. It worries me a bit but I refuse to be swayed. My pain tolerence is being built up for a reason and I am happy for every little bit because I know that the more prepared I am for it, the less it will hurt.


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