Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kind of Howl

Look left, empty.
Look right, nothing.
everyone has left me.

Look up, half full.
Look down, half gone.
I feel so lonely.

Look around and theres not a soul,
No where to be found,
and no where to go.

But up comes a man,
his stash is white as snow,
his hair is black,
he gives me a place to go.

A fire demon heats me,
while love beats me,
but the man stays away.

My heart spills,
like potions to the floor,
Theres a shrill
and im running to the door.

Look left, lost.
Look right, found.
Look up,
but dont look down.

Look sideways, and im here.
glance again, and im gone.

Tears streak my face,
fear stamps clear.
leaving footprints behinde.
I am finally here.

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