Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So since I didn't post yesterday for everyone to know how I was doing this post will be dedicated to my all day activites of yesterday.

Yesterday I almost ran over an old man, not really, I was in drivers ed and I was minding my own busniess. I was suppose to turn right but there happened to be an old man in the road so I stayed still. MY teacher starts yelling, "Go, Go. Your light is green, GO!" So I start around the turn very slowly, waiting on the old man who is still in the road. Now my car is like a few feet from him and he is paying me no mind. My teacher still saying, "Go Chastine, Go!" Finally I said 'Old man,' and she was like "Oh there is a man in the road." Really?

I got an interview with Pizza Hut. Well, that was acutally this morning but I got one :) Now I can add it to my facebook employee list... thats what all the kids are doing now days, right? I don't keep up with facebook that much, or try not to anyways. But seriously I have an interview So Friday I will write about how it went and everything, so yay!

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