Thursday, October 20, 2011

Court Day

(Alex and his new pipe)

So it has been a while and Im sorry about the time lapse. Happy court-day weekend to you all and I hope it was very good. If you are not aware of what court-day is then let me explain. Court-day is a festival held in Mt. Sterling Kentucky on October 14-17. You go and just have fun, but it isnt like fair-type fun. At Court-day you can buy useless junk and sell useless junk. It was mostly knives and guns, bows (which I got by the way) and hunting stuff. It is basically a big Redneck October-fest! There was A lot of food! I had my first blooming onion and fried oreos. It was nuts I could feel it all gaining onto me.
(Me acting silly in my Lion hat)

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