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Battered Butterflies Ch.2

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"Yes. She is hot." I was thrown into a small cell, with several men. Each one was tall and muscular, and I hated each one. I knew what was going to happen. A tall blonde came toward me. "Hey cutey why don't you stand up and let us look at you?" I sat still, to afraid to go anywhere. I was to afraid of what I knew would happen.

I had no recollection of how I got here; I was at school, at home, in the woods? I racked my brain for the memory. Where was I, who were these men. All of them were tall and they all smelled like booze.

"Dude, I think you just got ignored." He grabbed me and drug me to their feet. "Stand up!" I didn't stand. I remember this. They started kicking me and hitting me, I could feel the bruises forming on my body.

Tears escaped my eyes and I knew I would have to fight back. Once they stopped kicking me, I was to sore and to tired to even cry. "Now that you are the submissive little girl that you should be, let me show you what's in store." All the guys watched as the tall blonde violated me, they listened as I cried out and they made no attempt to help me.

He kept on and on, paying no mind to my tears; taking me in, and the most precious thing I would never be able to give my husband. When he was done, he passed me on to the next guy. Each one took their turns rapping and beating me, and I was absolutely defenseless against them. No amount of coaching could bring me to fight this, this horror that was beasted upon me. Why god would allow something like this is absolutely mind bottling.

Michelangelo once said "Lord, on you I call for help against my blind and senseless torment, since you alone can renew inwardly and outwardly my mind, my will, and my strength, which are weak." I wanted to die, I wondered how someone could possibly be pushed into suicide and now I know.

They left me on the ground, smeared with blood and with dirt clinging to my battered body. I let myself drift into a numb state, wishing I could let go all together and never come back. Who did I have to live for anyway? My parents were brutally murdered, and so will I.

"Who is she?" A girl's voice sounded somewhere above my head, but I was to weak to open my eyes.

"This looks like the work of Adien, pity it is; she is so pretty." Two girls indeed.

"Should we leave her here or go tell the boss?" I wanted to scream for them, 'Don't leave me, please.' My mouth wouldn't move though. I was too tired.

"Neither, I vote that we move her and go get One. Surly she wont turn a battered butterfly over to the Boss." I could feel the two girls agree and they picked me up, with such ease too. The air became more dense and cold. "We can sit her here, Darling can you hear me?"

The least I could do was groan, and it took to much effort in that task. I still couldn't see, but I was half way ok with that; I didn't want to see where I had been hurt, I didn't want to know what my temple now looked like. I was fine being in total darkness.

Soon I could hear footsteps racing toward me, more than the first time. I flinched as a cold hand brushed my cheek. "Hunny, I know, your scared and us coming toward you didn't help." It only then occurred to me that the reason why I couldn't open my eyes, wasn't because I didn't want to; my eyes were swollen shut. "Oh, darling. Adien really did a number on you didn't he?"

Her touch was gentle but it still burned my bruised skin. "I have a room for her, it is deep with in the tunnels, I will need your help though. I will district Adien while you to pack her deeper down. I need time to get some supplies from the aid room." Both girls mumbled their agreements and then explained that they were taking me somewhere safe.

The journey down there wasn't so bad as the smell of acid and steel, I could feel my fragile, bruised, battered muscles tearing as they tried to carefully transported me down into the earth. "Well, you are now a battered butterfly." One of the girls grazed my cheek gently after they set me down. "Yeah, we are going to keep you here until you heal."

A girl held a cup of water to my lips and I cringed as the cool water fell over my chin and into my mouth. "Let me go get some rags from the supply closet." Footsteps fell down the hall as one left and I was left with the silent breathing of the remaining two girls. "One is going to come back with more water and some rags so we can clean some…" I sighed. "Blood." My voice was strangled sounding and I wanted to die, my throat burned. The thought of what I look like could kill me itself.

"My name is Jasmine and the other girl is Sahara. The girl that left, her name is Rose." Her hands gripped my ankles as Sahara tried to stop bleeding. My body burned and I grunted when I heard footsteps again. Rose was back. "Adien!" Jasmine gasp and let go of my ankles. "So, you thought you would help her did you? How dare you Jasmine or should I say forty- four?" I couldn't see him but I could imagine Adien as a tall burly man.

The type of guy you see on wanted for rape and murder, he would look tired as if has spend many nights up waiting on someone he loved, someone that never came. That's how they all looked to me. "Adien, please." I could hear her fear, and metallic blood as she squalled out in pain. I was glad that my eyes were swollen shut. I couldn't see, I didn't want to. I twitched from side to side, trying to decide where he was standing, hoping he wouldn't touch me; they said he did this. I felt something drop to the side of me but I was frozen, I didn't want to move. "Sahara, my sweet." The air felt angry and it smelled of blood and booze. A substance smell that I was use to.

After my parents had died I had stayed with a friend, Felix. He was a little crazy, believing that he was a vampire. He would always carry a vile of blood around his neck. "In case I find the girl I want to spend my life with." He would say. After a few days at his house he took me to an underground club where 'vampires' would commute. It always smelled like blood and alcohol.

"Adien." Sahara's voice jerked me from my memory and caused me to let out a little whine. "Hush, I will get to you in a few minutes." I wanted to die, all over again. I wanted to see so I could run and tempt him to kill me, I wanted my parents. "Adien, leave her alone, please. I mean she hasn't had a chance to even become a spot on the map, the Boss doesn't even know about her."

Her voice sound so sincere and greedy, as if she were trying to seduce him. I could hear her kissing him on the mouth and whisper something. They got up and started to walk away. "I hope none of the other men find you, they may not grant you as much mercy." Sahara giggled and they're footsteps disappeared into the distance. My breathing was labored and I could feel blood seeping from unseen wounds, drying before it even had a chance to spill. I hated men.

He kind of reminded me of Felix. Felix always had mercy and he could always be persuaded by girls. I seen him more than once at the club; he would be sitting at the bar with a girl in his lap and a few girls at his side. He could be dancing and have girls all over him, he was a lady's man. Felix was a typical vampire type. He hated the sun so he was very white, tall and muscled.

He was just the type of guy that my mom would like and my dad would make fun of. My mom was into that stuff when she was a teenager and my father was right along with her but I missed them both even if they were only about eighteen years older than I was.

"What happened?" I heard One gasp as she walked upon the scene. "Olivia?" If I seen a girl dead and one beside her, not moving I would think she was dead too. I just groaned. It was the only thing I could do. "Ok. Sahara is gone which means that Adien was here. You my darling are lucky. If she wasn't here he would have killed you." Groan.

"Ok, this is going to sting a little bit but I promise that it is going to work, it is an herbal remedy that I made up. I use it on all the girls." It did sting but at least I knew it was working.

Any time I got hurt as a child I always used alcohol on my cuts, it burned and so I knew it was cleaned. I remember once asking my mother if it was safe to drink the rubbing alcohol, she had been hysteric after that. "I only wanted to heal my broken heart. He is a pooh-pooh head." My mother forced a smile and said, "Yes, darling men are pooh-pooh heads."

It did more than just sting my foot; the burn began to work its way up my body until the pain was to much for me and I passed out. I was just as thankful for the darkness as I had been the night I was kidnapped. I hated the light, hated my life. I wanted to sleep forever or at least a long time. I wanted to walk into a pin of lions and die as the guy did on the movie, 'The happening.'

Unfortunaly I was only out for a few days. I woke up alone and I wasn't surprised. The darkness scared me, oh how I wish I would die. I began to recite quotes from my favorite books, something to preoccupy my mind. "If people were rain, I would be drizzle and she'd be a hurricane." Looking for Alaska by john Green. "Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea." Henry fielding said that, it wasn't in a book but Felix use to quote him a lot. "The town was paper but the memories were not." Paper towns by John Green.

John Green was my favorite author so I found myself quoting him most of the time while I waited for footsteps. Hours must have past by now and no sound. Maybe no one was coming, maybe I was going to lay here and die. I was strangely giddy at the thought when I heard them.

The soft pitter patter of a girl's feet on the floor, taking care to go slowly as if expectant to find me dead. "Oh, your awake." One's voice came out as a shock, she sounded sad. I felt her touch my face and it made me jerk. "It is ok, I am just looking at your eyes. A doctor will be here in a little while to look. His name is Jason Baron." She sat not to far from me, rubbing my skin with a rag, the herbal stuff wasn't as bad anymore which mean that I was getting better.

My head snapped up as I heard someone approach us. "Oh, Jason do not scare me like that, not to mention Olivia here, poor dear. Will you look at her please." She sounded more like she was giving a command than asking him to look at me. I felt him bend down and softly touch my ankle, knee, hip, wrist, arm, neck and behind my ear. "Good sense."

He then tapped my knee, like they do at the doctors office. "Her reflexes are a little slower than what they need to be." He pressed on my stomach and I groaned. "Sorry, there is some bruising obviously." If it was so obvious then why did he have to press down on my stomach to come to the conclusion? He pressed on my chest and I coughed. "Open your eyes Olivia." I shook my head. "You can, they are not swollen anymore, you are just remembering the last thing you felt."

Slowly I peeked through my eyes and finally opened them. "There we go, blue eyes, so pretty." I inhaled shapely and he back a few feet away from me. Jason Baron was a thin man, about eighteen years old, blonde hair with red tips. He looked like a club man himself. One had left and I hadn't noticed. "When you are strong enough to walk, go up this hall and you will be out, I promise." He left me and I waited.

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