Friday, September 9, 2011

We all fall down (prolouge)

Author note- When a young girl is raised in a dead world, full of mystery and disease; it is no surprise that she should end up all alone. Toki is left to survive against zombies at the age of thirteen. the story takes place five years later, after she has gotten the hang of it, now she has set out to find the answer to the question she has been asking her whole life, are there others? Other people who have survives the disease? She sets out to find the zombie slayer.

Long ago the earth was lain down in forest, and was abundant with people and animals. God walked our paths, giving life and taking it way. The people feared him, the brave faced him; begging their pathetic lives be spared, none ever were. God is very jealous and viscous, he rules all and punishes the wicked, but not before we do. God flooded the earth once and promised to never do it again, but what does he do when evil become to bold?

One day a man came to greet God, he bowed at his feet, worshiping God. He asked for forgiveness from his sins, when God granted this to him, he kissed each cheek and forgave him. The man then told him he wished to serve him and spread his message. God granted this wish. Some say that God knows everything, such as how judia betrayed Jesus and how he knew that peter was a good guy, but people are often swayed.

The man ran a six silvered blade through God's heart, killing him. Some say the God used his last words to curse man kind, others say that God burst into ashes and they birthed a plague; either way, monsters were born the day he died.

The animals began to die, fell through out the world, stricken instantly; then the people began to fall ill as well. They lost interest in food and water, could not sleep and had no need for humanly functions. They became catatonic and zombie like until they dropped dead. The church said it was God punishing us for our sins, one of our own sent him back to heaven and he was going to send us to hell.

The monasteries, churches, synagogues and any place of worship over flowed with dieing people. Begging God to forgive him, people offered sacrifices such as children, loved ones, animals, friends; the world was over shadowed by gore and violence. A monastery of monks became infected after a female got in and slept with them all, using her charm to turn them. Swaying them in the devils creed the world cried.

There are many stories about when the disease first appeared and spread; it was airborne, it was by touch, by sex and now it is by bite. If you are bitten and blood is drawn you are to die and be risen with out an antidote. I carry one with me. It is a lime green substance and thick. They say that it hurts worse than being bitten itself but I think differently. A shot has got to be better than having a hunk bit out of you by the undead.

I was born afterward. The disease had already killed so many people and by the time I was thirteen, my own parents died and relived. It was a part of the curse that occurred after millions died all over the world. They came back as zombies, awesome isn't it? It is every little boys dream, being raised to kill zombies. To bad I wasn't that boy. I picked up a gun and shot my parents in the head, taking each one clean off. A skill my father was sure I was proficient in. they made sure of everything, I don't know how they possibly got infected without me getting infected as well but I do know that they are gone. Most of the forests had been burned down in attempts to rid the zombies of hiding places, but a lot of people died that way too; many forest still remain.

I packed up the horses and rode into the sunrise to find a place untouched, to find out whether I was alone or not. A small girl left in the world, unprotected and having to fight for her life. My name is Toki.

This is one of my newest ones since I finished 'Battered Butterflies.' My other new one is called 'Ice flowers' but it isnt being posted until I have gotten a little farther in this one. You can read them at

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