Friday, September 2, 2011

Stranger Danger??

Since our birth we have all been told about 'stranger danger.' Our parents make us repeat the rules and we are taught them at school.
1. Don't talk to strangers
2. Don't interact with strangers
3. Don't accept things from strangers, and
4. Scream stranger danger!

For the bolder and more rebellious people, like myself, I am going to share my experiences with my own "stranger danger.' I am not encouraging children to try this, do this or attempt this. I am an adult and can beat someone up without going to juvenile hall. I am not promoting the website.

You carry on full conversations with a total stranger untilone party disconnects. You can disconnect at any time and I advise anyone who decides to go to this site and talk to strangers to follow a one simple thing.
1. Do NOT go to any links.

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