Friday, September 9, 2011

A sobbering message to MCHS... 2011

-True event- May 2011, prom week

It was any normal day at MCHS except that the grim reapper was literally roaming the halls, looking for victims. We all would stop and stare when he inturrupted our classes, choosing a student to take. NO one was told what was going on and none of the students were seen again... until a sad sounding principle called everyone to the gym for a funeral ceremony. We all were in shock, so we filed to the gym and were greeted by ten caskets lined up. Ten of our friends had died.

A women told us that each one had died of drunk driving and chills ran down my spine. Ten students had driven home drunk and died in a car crash. Sobbering doesnt do it justice. I was crying my eyes out. I have had more than a few friends die in drunk driving accidents, all of which hadn't even lived yet.

The students who had been pulled out of class by the grim reaper walked to the front of each casket, claiming it as their own. They each held a small candle to symbolize their life and so the grim reaper walked to each one, snuffing their light out and laying them down; taking their life. "He is dead. Death of drunk driving." The women talked as he went to each one, laying them down.

When he finally got to the last one, a girl in my class who had been taken out during third period. She jerked her candle away, took out her phone and called her parents. "My ride is drunk, will you come get me?" She wasn't going to be one of the students to die that year. She refused and so should you.

Ghost out is a program in kentucky that raises drunk driving awarness. 1 in 3 people will be involved in an alcohol related crash in their liftetime. that is way to many.

This year is my prom year. I am going with my boyfriend of two years, we wont drink and drive but that doesnt mean that we wont be hit by someone who will. Make the roads safe and stay sober. There is no telling who you may hit, injure, or kill. Do you want to live with that guilt?

As we were leaving the gym, there was a casket by the door. The grim reaper told us to look if we dared. I dared. Inside was a mirror and a small note that read, "This could be you on prom night. Don't drink and drive."

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