Friday, September 30, 2011

Scary pictures for Halloween

I am useing a new and semi free site. I am using it for my photograpghy and with me you will get this option. The effects are only seasonal so i thought i would just give a small example of my work.

Here I have made me into a flesh eating zombie, it isnt to high quality due to the fact that it wasnt color when i started, it would have been better if it was so if you decide to use me then all your photos will be in color.

Here me and my friend triffany are vampires. I used mainly the blood stain app for it but i also used the fang app and the drac-skin app to make us look lighter and to make triffany have fangs because they dont come naturally to her.

I dont like this one as much cause i was in a hurry but im suppose to be a zombie.

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