Friday, September 23, 2011

PSI teen leaders

PSI stands for ‘Postponing sexual involvement.’ At the end of each year at MCHS (Montgomery co. high school) there is an announcement for anyone interested in this program. If you do show such interest you will be required to fill out a form saying that you bid by the rules and vow to remain abstinent until marriage, then you will need to write a short paragraph explaining why you would like to be a PSI teen leader.
Once this is done you will then be required to attend three days of training. You will be taught the three handbooks- managing pressure, 7th grade PSI, and media message- and teaching skills. We each take turns teaching several lessons to our peers and fellow PSI leaders.
After all the training you are given a schedule and the high school students (PSI leaders) pair up and go to the middle school to teach a sex education class. During this class you will teach various lessons on how to say “No,” how to handle pressure, and how to avoid risky situations.
I have been a PSI teen leader for three years now (sophomore, junior, and senior years;) and I love it. There are so many things I get out of this opportunity and so many skills I am taught each time I teach. I have learned to be more people oriented, I have learned various teaching skills and I have made friends. While I am one of the only two seniors in the program I still have a good time with teaching.

September 20, 2011: I was teaching a 7th grade class with a fellow PSI leader and at first I was nervous as I always am but after a while I loosened up and started to have a great time. There was a little boy whose name I seriously don’t know, I gave him my safety driving bracelet because some kids had been picking on him (he was gay) and stole his ‘I heart boys!’ bracelet. I had been moved to tears.
September 22, 2011: I was teaching a sixth grade class with a fellow PSI leader and I was able to sit in the crowd of 34 kids and help. It was amazing how well and fast they accepted me and allowed me to help them come up with ways to say ‘No.’ Several students told me how already (6th grade) they had been pressured into risky, sexual behavior. I broke my heart to know that at that young, our children are being expected by their peers to have that kind of behavior.

PSI is a lot of fun and it looks great on a college application. I have filled out several scholarships with Morehead state university and I always put it on there.

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