Friday, September 9, 2011

OMG (omegle)

You: hey baby

You: i stunded you into hush mode i see

You: or hear

You: read

Stranger: Hmmm

Stranger: See what?

You: m or f and e will see

Stranger: m/f ?

You: you first

Stranger: M

You: f

Stranger: Tell me more...

You: i have small feet

Stranger: I have parts that are big and parts that are small.

You: like eyes and ears>

Stranger: Huge eyes;)

You: all the better to seee with

Stranger: How bout you?

Stranger: And I am not hairy thank you very much...

You: well you see i have small fingers and midium size hand. i didn't say that you were hairy which is a good thing, i hate hairy men

You: age plz?

Stranger: 24

You: 18

You: are you the choosen one?

Stranger: I've been told I am?

You: the boy who lived

Stranger: I have medium sized hands with lots of broken fingers :(

You: aww, bad performance. such horrible punishment

Stranger: I've definitely done that.

Stranger: Each is a trouphy.

Stranger: Ended my hand modeling career though ;)

You: SHIT! i hate that foor you i LOVE hands

Stranger: I give a mean massage m/

You: really, so do i. thats why my doctor told me to keep my hands off

You: me

Stranger: Ooohhh snap


Stranger: Any pointers?

You: yes, go deep into the in field

You: of the muscle

You: and do it with your shirt off, that always got me tips 0.o

Stranger: You masterbate?

You: well..... does eating donuts with my hands count

Stranger: No

Stranger: Full penetration

Stranger: I'm talking dildo..,

You: no

You: never had to

You: i like to stick to my donuts in the morning

Stranger: Raise your standards slut!

You: thats not nice

Stranger: Where do you stck them?

You: in my mouth

Stranger: That sounds fattening

You: i work out, weigh 110

Stranger: Are you hefty? I bet your hefty?

Stranger: 110, you midget!

You: i am a midget

You: i said i was small man

Stranger: How small?

You: 5'5

You: C

Stranger: Liar

You: no seriously

Stranger: I bet 125 and 5'2

You: ys tht?

Stranger: You drunk?

You: possibly, i cant remember

Stranger: Ive had a few

You: i can not tell at all

Stranger: I play hard to get

Stranger: And by hard I mean my penis ;)

You: why is your penis hard do you like strangers?

Stranger: I feel like hoggin tonight

Stranger: You're just my type

You: how do you know, silly silly boy?

Stranger: You prefer donuts in the morning

You: welll when you put it like that i could take a banana, lots of potassium

Stranger: I'm a doctor you can be the nurse


Stranger: they only come in a size 2

You: I wear xsmall and small, that will do

Stranger: Umm adults, stop shopping in the children's section

You: :( i dont wanna, i find the best toys in the kids section...

You: that was wrong

Stranger: So do you fit?

You: yes

You: do you want me to?

Stranger: Miniskirt?

You: can you find that in a hospital git shop?

You: gift

Stranger: private practice, sweetheart

You: Can my girlfriend assit you when taking care of me?

Stranger: I like boys

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