Thursday, September 29, 2011


So as you know or will know, yesterday was my MRI. And for those who don't know I will tell the story again.

Long ago in a time of strength and rough housing, I fell with pain in my back. I had to have surgery. (march 22. 2010)

Anyways, so I arrive 30minutes early for my doctors apt and i am nervous but hey it is just a MRI, i had them done when i had to have surgery the last time. So i get in and lay down on the table; they go through normal procedure and stuff. du du du...

They pull me out and go to put the contrast in, The first time My vein busted (Right arm), the second time my vein busted (left arm), the third time my vein was unresposive (Right arm), the forth time my vein buted again but they got at least a little in (left arm)...

finally they just did the last two pictures and let me go!

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