Friday, September 9, 2011


You: hey

Stranger: Hello, random stranger.

You: long time NO see

Stranger: It's been AGES. How have you been?

You: fine, it has been YEARS since we last talked

Stranger: Indeed.

Stranger: Well, to catch you up...

You: ok

You: ...

Stranger: I've divorced Mia, and have been carrying on an affair with the maid.

Stranger: LOL

You: oh my gosh was that the rumor about my son. the preacher wispeared but never dare let me know that he caught you two

Stranger: Oh, yes. He tried to tell us we should be ashamed, but then he got a look at the maid.

You: wouldn't be the first time, i thought my dark stained tables look a little light

Stranger: His cheering kind of put me off my game, but we soon got back into form.

You: did he go back to the worship center to so a little praising??

Stranger: I'm not entirely certain. He said something about visiting Mary. I don't think he was referring to the virgin.

You: The maids name wasn't mary was it?

Stranger: (You know, this is how turgid novels get written, I think. LOL)

You: or was that the gardener

You: i know

Stranger: Mary was the gardener's sister.

You: ah who was secretly a langerie keeper

You: shop keeper

Stranger: Oh, dear. It's a quarter past midnight. I should sleep.

You: actually it is 15 past midnight

Stranger: It's been fun. :) Take care.

You: the preacher should have told you that

You: k

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