Friday, September 2, 2011

The maid (omegle story)

You are now talking to a stranger, say Hi!!

Stranger: O my Gosh!

You: What??

Stranger: I can not find the maid again. She is never where she is suppose to be. Have you seen her?

You: No I have not seen her. Have you looked in the garden? Maybe she is out there smelling roses.

Stranger: No. It seemed so obvious that my MAID should be in the house. I had no idea to look in the garden, im glad you said something. You know I seen her the other day when I went to confess. She was in the church.

You: It is no crime to be there.

Stranger: It is if she was nude.

You: Oh dear, that is quite bad.

Stranger: I'll be back

You:... 5min... 6min... 10min...

Stranger: She isnt in the garden

You: You dont think... that maybe...

Stranger: ZOMBIES!!

You: Yes, definally! OMG what are we going to do? Do you think she was taken, we were safe in here.

Stranger:We are unless she opened the door. go check.

You: Why do I have to always be the man around here. GROW UP!!

Stranger: Take the gun

You: (*picks up gun)

stranger: Noo!! Leave the gun he might get past you!

You: (*Rolls eyes) You are such a baby I can not believe I allowed you to come along and I can not believe even more that i saved your sorry behinde. You need to shape up and stop being such a baby. Now grab that gun, get my shovel and come on!

Stranger: Will you hand me the gun?

You: You know what? (*Aims gun and shoots)

You have disconnected the conversaition

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