Thursday, September 1, 2011

Here or not?

I recently have dived hard into photograpghy, I made me a page on youtube, facebook, viewbug and a blog. I looked recently and seen that I had two followers already. I was so excited that I wanted to know who they were right away; so i clicked on the little 'Groupie' button, a new page pulls up and... No one is on it. I have two invisable groupies (followers)... I went from excited to sad in 2.0 seconds. I even tried it over and over. Finally I gave up and logged off. If anyone would like to follow my photography group, the name is 'Perkins Photography.' I am a single handed photographer and I do not have a studio. I am strongly against it even though one day I would like a studio (Hypocrite I know) I am more of a modleing photographer. I do all kinds of things, from modleing to senior pictures, to wedding photos. I'll do just about anything you want, except pornography. I am specially against that too :]

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