Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The doctor: What now?

So I recently went back to the doctor and as many of you may know i have been having some leg pain and as many more of you may know, i have already had surgery on my back.

So I go in and I explain to the doctor what kind of pain i am having (pressure pain) and where it hurts (right side of right leg) and how bad it hurts (8-10.)

She disappears for a few minutes (probably standing out side my door) and when she comes back in she tells me they have to do a never conduction test. The first thing going through my mind is that they are going to stick neddles into my leg and make me flex.

They dont. I go into this room (way to small, me and the doctor can barly fit into it) and he rolls up my pants legs and zaps me with a metal prong. Oh the agony!! joke, it didnt hurt at all! although i had no control over my nerves and so i came extremely close to kicking him in the face a couple of times :) I didn't do it on purpose i swear. It wasn't all that bad, so after a few ten minutes of that i got to leave with a MRI referal and and to be apointed doctor visit with the almighty TIBBS!

Dr. tibbs (if you dont know him) is the guy who did my surgery on my back. Yay another surgen visit. I hate it so much.... but what can ya do?

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