Thursday, September 29, 2011

Country Living

Last night was the homecoming bonfire, of course I went with alex. We had a wonderful time, it was from 7:30-9:00; we didnt leave until like 9:20. There of course was a fire, drinks, smores, people, tractors and hayrides.

This little boy came up to me to ask if he I would make him a smore because he was afraid of the fire (he had a very little stick) and when i gave it back he looked at me and said "yum this is country living." It was halarious.

Alex walked around carrying me on his back, I would 'Tackle' triffany to the ground, play bloody knuckles with the guys, try to pick them up (with a herniated back.)

It was a lot of fun, we ran around, danced around the fire and just had fun. I wish to God that i had took my camera but i dint and it sucked, the fire was so big that i couldnt get it on my camera screen and i was several yards back.

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