Friday, September 23, 2011

Battered Butterflies Ch.1

After a long day of flipping through books and running between classes I was ecstatic to hear the obnoxious bell, dismissing for the day. Every student seemed to be in the halls, greeting and talking about their weekend plans. Upon exiting the building and stepping out into the bright but well loved sun, A very high pitched voice yelling my name. “Hey, Olivia; Are you going with us to the party?” I waved my hand and headed toward Clara. “I really want to go but I have to go strait home and study, you know that. It’s ok you go and have fun without me.”
I casually placed one hand on my hip and the other over my eyes, the sun felt warm on my skin and I leaned back to allow the rays to dance over me. “Awe, don’t be like that, you haven‘t had any fun since your parents left and besides Lance will be there.” She flicked her girlie nails in the direction of a huddle of senior football players throwing a ball. He was the quarterback, and every girls dream; short blonde hair and, muscular. “No, besides someone has to go somewhere in life.” I hated boys, they all were dogs and that was never going to change; Ever since the event I haven’t looked at another boy in that way.
“Oh, you mean go to college right? I’m gonna live a perfectly good life with a professional football player as a husband to take care of me. I don’t need college.” I looked away from the boys and back to my now defensive friend. “I totally support that, I’m just wondering what if, what if all those guys were in a horrible stadium freak accident and all die? Who will you marry then and who will take care of you?”
Without any notice a brown ball came flying out of nowhere, hitting me in the head and knocking me down. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. Did he hurt you?” I had found myself instead of being angry, lost; Our eyes met and all of a sudden I couldn’t look away. It was as if he was around me, touching me and I could feel the fear rising. The scream threatening to rip out of me but refused to pass my lips; this boy was so close, his nose almost grazing mine. “Olivia?”
One word, and I’m thankful for that word; snapping me out of the darkness that had been closing around us. “uh, yeah. I’m fine, totally fine.” I didn’t know what to say and as a dumb minded person I just laid there holding my head. “let me see.” I took note to the football boys snickering and I could see Clara’s evil grin saying ‘Love always finds a way’ and ‘I told you so.’
He took my hand in his and held tight to it as if he were afraid I would punch him; with the other he gingerly grasp my waist and lifted me to my feet. “There, your ok.” He smiled as he brushed some stray strands from my face.
“Eww, he’s got her good.”
“Nah she’s about to beat him.”
“No way, she is so sweet, just look at her.”
“Yeah, Doctor Lance! Get her!”
More of the football players snickered as they came closer and closer to retrieve their lost player. “You should go.” I pushed him away from me, releasing the bond with a sudden anger. He threw up his hands and backed away slowly as if I was holding him at gun point. I shook my head as I watched them all finally turn and leave.
“You like him.” Clara wasted no time with teasing me with mine and lance’s ironic meeting. “You might even...” I scolded at her for the thought. “Love him, you love him.” I gave her the finger and started into the trees for a shortcut home. “Hey, where are you going?” I waved my hand as a dismissal and trudged onward through the woods.
The tree tops blocked a lot of the warming sun, so it looked as if it were night. There is no telling what is in these woods, and with the nightmares I’d been having my fears only intensified; but the walk gave me time to think.
Suddenly the air was filled with so much tension it was suffocating and the air smelled of metallic and blood. It’s as if my dream was real. I could hear twigs breaking under pressure from something other than my own weight, But I didn’t dare look or stay still. My heart was pounding and my pulse was racing as I began to walk, faster, faster; until I was finally running. Footsteps, stalker, stranger, killer, vampire, wolf; who knows what’s following me.
The footsteps behind me were getting louder, I had to turn around, I had to see who or what It is. Through the trees I could make out several dark shadows; I am so going to die. I turned and ran in the opposite direction, not even sure if it was doing any good. I wasn’t even watching where I was going, I just wanted to get away.
I had been running for hours, my legs would soon give out and they’d catch me. The wind cut through me, I wasn’t use to it being this cold. There was a sharp pain behind my ears, one that warned me that I would freeze in the dead Night if I kept running.
I wasn’t for sure what they wanted or why they were chasing me but I wasn’t about to give up, I wasn‘t about to have another event to live with. The scene around me blurred as I slid past trees and over rocks. “Hey girlie, wait up! We wont hurt you much.” Scratch that, I knew exactly why they were chasing me. They shouted and taunted me as they followed shortly behind. I was slightly aware that I was headed away from home and deeper into the woods but I wanted to get away.
I could hear the waves crashing on the rocks and I neared the cliffs, I was somewhere near Szczecin. I turned away heading with the wind from the cliffs, risking one of the guys catching me. I was blind, for the sun was setting in the far west, behind the trees and behind the chase. I could hear breathing now, to muscular to be my own; he had caught me.
“I gotcha, your mine now.” I felt a heavy weight fell on top of me as both me and the man stumbled over a fallen tree. He put my hands behind my back as if I were a criminal. It didn’t take long for the others to catch up, they had been close behind too.
“Yeah, she’s cute.” The first one to catch up loomed over me as I laid there helplessly. More and more started appearing and I counted at least six in a circle around me.
“No, she’s adorable.” I couldn’t see them as well as I had wanted to, But I could smell the vulgar stench of alcohol on their breath. I hated this, I wish I would die. “Please….” I was panting and I knew that the cold ground would give me hypothermia. “Please god…” each one watched as I begged god to help me, save me, anything. “I need you… I need help god.” One snatched me up and everything went black, For that I could have truly been happy for the numbness it gave me.

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