Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mr.Caterpillar and Mrs.Butterfly

There once was a caterpillar, he was sobbing by a tree. “I have lost my beautiful queen.” A beetle soon heard his cries and came to dry his tears. “What’s wrong Mr. Caterpillar?” The caterpillar paid Ms. Beetle no mind, he went on crying and crying. “Mr. Caterpillar, can I not make you happy, will you not smile?” Mr. Caterpillar sobbed his reply, “No my friend, without my Ms. Caterpillar I shall not smile.” Ms. Beetle shrugged and crawled away to leave Mr. Caterpillar to his day.
“Dear Mr. Caterpillar, why do you cry?” Many bugs heard poor Mr. Caterpillar’s cries, he cried so loud they could not sleep, so many came to ask, “Oh Mr. Caterpillar, will you not stop crying?” and his answer would always be, “I have lost my caterpillar queen, oh where could she be?” Soon Mr. Caterpillar was visited by a clever Mr. Spider. He told the sobbing Mr. Caterpillar that his love would come back- though he did not know- he said that maybe Mrs. Caterpillar- in her glorified beauty- was hiding and waiting on Mr. Caterpillar to seek her out. So Mr. Caterpillar hunted for his lost Mrs. Caterpillar, he searched high and low for her; he searched up in the trees and down on the ground, but he never found dear Mrs. Caterpillar.
He sat and cried again. “Oh my, I have lost my dear sweet queen, where- oh where- could she be?” Every bug came to try and make Mr. Caterpillar stop crying and smile, but he just went on, sobbing for his lost queen.
“Dear Mr. Caterpillar, why are you crying?” A black and green butterfly stood before him. She was the prettiest butterfly he had ever seen. “I have lost my beautiful queen, oh, where could she be?” The butterfly thought for a while. “I am your caterpillar queen, I have become a lovely butterfly.” Mr. Caterpillar jumped for joy, he was so happy that he had not lost his caterpillar queen, she had become a beautiful butterfly! So they lived happily ever after, as Mr. Caterpillar and Mrs. Butterfly.

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