Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In My World (1)

I live in an awful place, in a world where nothing is right but rather wrong. I live in a world where a father can murder his family and get away with it, a mother can deny her children the rights to food and shelter, I live in a world where religion has become a war fought by gangs of gods and leaders, rather than beliefs.
I have seen pictures where religions mingle and smile together and I have seen photos where the sun shone and people played with children instead of checking for tribal tattoos. I can even venture to say that I recall a time when my own body was not covered in the Permanente ink, labeling me as a child of God; a child who has been forbidden to go out after dark for the demons come out to bask in the moon light. In my world religions talk nothing of love nor peace, but of ammo and who is at fault. We have lived through natural disasters, terrorist attacks, the fall of our government and now the fall of the sun.
In my world we are taught that nothing will ever be the same, education is no longer a priority, passion is no longer an emotion and compassion is no longer practiced. In my world I am as good as dead, to passionate for my “life”, who practices unneeded tendencies.
I will change it all.

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