Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear wind,

Oh dear wind,
must you tease me so,
you only less reluctant,
to carry memories I can't let go.

you become so restless,
blow my hair around,
you remind me of a time,
when his love could still be found.

Oh dear wind,
must you ripple the water,
bringing memories of tears,
making cheeks hotter.

You are so unforgiving,
when dealing with my soul,
Oh dear wind,
why bring memories I wish to let go?


  1. wow, funny i know the feeling. check out my new post on Elijahmen please.

  2. I did and I even commented. Nice poster, but prostitution wont help.

  3. you need to text superman cause you need savin.

  4. dangt, forgot his number, but hey i got batman on my phone....or maybe thats the joker...cant tell he just says "lets put a smile on that face!"