Monday, February 21, 2011

When we

Everyone needs that little push,
Small motivation moving;
A hope that keeps on tugging,
Some light that keeps on burning.

When we get caught in the dark,
Take a hand to hold through;
When the sadness storms our doors,
Light a candle and smile forever more.

Love what is hard to hold on to,
Believe what is impossible to see;
Look for what can not be,
Hope for what you need.

When Winds threaten our walls,
Hold still through the night;
When all seems to fall apart,
Think not of is wrong but right.

Lost the path to walk upon,
Leave a trail to follow;
Broken hearts that cry out,
Mend with promise of tomorrow.

Searching for the life song,
One to open your veins;
Sliding fingers across the keys,
Sounding notes such as these.

Everyone needs that small push,
When we seem to get caught in the dark;
Love what is dear to you,
Leave a trail to walk upon.

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