Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My first love

Truly your first love will hurt a lot if not the most; I know from experience. His name was Daryl but we all called him D.R, we didnt met out of sheer chance or because of a friend - it wasnt love at first sight and it wasnt the romance novle type of love. I could say he saved me, and in a way he did; he had saved me multiple times- from myself and the world around me.
We met one day after I had decided to give in to my inner self and walk through a bad part of town- If anyone has walked bourbon county, they know 8th street. The part of town where a little boy and a man were shot and killed, recently there was a big drug bust and so on.... I had been dieing to walk through there for a while -maybe it was my love of danger, or maybe I was just hoping for adventure, whatever it was that I had finally let myself go I was well toward the middle of 8th and a while passed the school, I hadnt realized I had walked onto a group of boys, who were no doubtly up to no good; but hoping to bypass them I switched sides of the street- It didnt work.
One looked up and spoted me, yelled somethings, crossed the street to where I stood helplessly,They surrounded me, trpping me in a tight circle.

Of course he came out to "save me" The boys were his 'friends' and he told me that they were just playing around, trying to scare me. He escorted me home to 'prove' that he wasnt like them and our relationship bloomed.


  1. Wow, your writing is really beautiful, yet so simple. And I meant that in a great way. You do in a few paragraphs what people struggle to do in whole novels. I had such strong images as I was reading -- you're amazing!

  2. Why thank you. It is a personal naritive that I had to write for my english class. I think I got a little lazy toward the ending, I just wanted to get it over with; I had been writting it for days, trying to find the right words to describe how I felt and how it looked to me back then.

  3. he commited suicide in the spring of 2006-7. I guess I wasn't the only one in need of saving.