Monday, February 21, 2011

insight to my mind

The world is full of surprises, there is trouble around every corner; but the trouble makes life worth while. Life can be interesting if you let it, that’s why I live life one day at a time. I’m the type of person that doesn’t cry a lot, I would rather be all alone in the world than have someone see me cry and that…. Is very dangerous. I love to have fun, I dance in the rain and kiss in the snow. I love my boyfriend, I love my friends, I love a lot of things.
Those who know me, know I am very unpredictable, I am manic- a timed bomb just waiting to explode into the unknown. I am the type of person who just enjoys life; I enjoy making snow angles though I hate the snow, I enjoy running though I am sadly out of shape. I am a girl who watches glee like it will change my life, I sing random songs, even if I’m out of tune and sound horrible.
I read- A lot!! I pack at least two books in my purse, three in the car and I have a whole shelf of books in my room and around the house. I believe that a mystery is between each book cover and the back, I believe there is love that is gentle tucked away between the pages of a book and that books can do anything.
I am a big human rights advocate, I love to stand up for peoples rights and I love to give speeches on issues that are often over looked, such as sexual harassment.

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