Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christians, vampires, and zombies- Oh my!!

I recently befriended a boy at school, He is a christian, and believes that vampires, and zombies are going to send me to hell. I am not here to put down anyones beliefs but vampires and zombies are not going to send me to hell. Me and my boyfriend recently sat down and watched twilight and new moon- Does that mean we will not go to heaven? No. Vampires and zombies are fictional, we know that. Just because we watch the movie and are fans of the books, does not mean we worship them or 'support' them. Is it the same with gaints and trolls, unicorns and faries? They are in the children's books that we read, they are in the carttons our children watch. Does that mean that our children are doomed to go to hell? No.
Being a christian means leading a life in the way of god, It means bringing people to god. We have lives- no matter what we watch and read. The bible strictly says no to porn. That is real, Porn is a real issue- vampires and zombies are not.
We should worry about the non-fiction before the fictional aspects of life.