Monday, February 21, 2011

Chapter Zero- battered Butterflies

Life as I had known it, had been crushed in one Night; fallen and shaken from me. I can only recall it as I may or may not have remembered it, trauma tends to mold the memories. I could say though that I was an average girl, high school student and I made very good grades; I had lots of friends but a very superficial outlook on life.
The Night when that life, my life, changed was also the Night I would be reborn again; as a new person. I had never thought anything bad could happen to me, a girl raised up in the presence of god; A god who loved all his children and qualified the called. I would also admit that I was perhaps a little reckless in my freedom years, when I was still innocent and not hunted.
A lot of things have happened, they all shaping and molding my person. I believed everything happened for a reason; from being born, to falling in love, getting hurt, and worse; The Event.

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