Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Leaving footprints

"After all, why leave the earth unseen, god put us here to leave footprints in eachothers heart, I just hope someone follows mine."
A short story I have written for english class and is extremely cool but twisted at the seems. Seren is a young girl who has grown up on the beach ever since she was very little. She is fascinated by the footprints in the sand and soon takes the philosphophy that she too wants to leave footprints but not just in the sand, In everyones heart. One day she gets lost and Is unable to find her way home so she takes up camp on the beach and hopes to be found. Will the only trace of her be the footprints in the sand or in peoples hearts? Will she be found?


  1. sounds interesting, so when are you gonna put it on here?

  2. I am in the middle of doing the pre planing and outline at the moment, I want to write it and get a grade before i post it here.

  3. Read my blog, it's how im feeling right now.
    It's my latest poem on "Elijahmen". :(

  4. hey um, pls check out my new post on Elijahmen. it's not bad i promise. just check it out