Friday, December 3, 2010

The court jester and the queen

Daily emails,
close the distance...
of sinning souls,
before his preasence.

A lone court jester,
laughing for the queen,
who doubles as a knight,
For his soul redeem.

A blonde boy,
tall and stout,
reluctant love,
To sure to doubt.

To love this queen,
to make her laugh,
to hold her hand,
protect what is left.

The lone court jester,
Along with the queen,
live double lives,
niether to be seen.

For the queen,
in secret loves him,
In darkness holds him,
And in distance needs him.


  1. love this one, wrote it off the top of my head while writing to the court jester himself:)

  2. I know him. Love the poem by the way love this poem

  3. Yeah you know him, he is that guy you sometimes like and sometimes dont. The one that a deep part of you hates sometimes but another part likes.