Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are drugs good or bad?

'A father can willingly hurt his child, He can become an addict, with no hope to quit. A mother can make her child invisible by neglect and desperate for love; Friends can decive you, strangers can hurt you, you can go out each day without ever knowing what could come.' In a world this crule, I dont blame those for warping it with drugs. I cant riticule those who wish to escape with something that can seriously hurt there thoughts. So, are drugs good or bad? In the long run it is up to those who are the victims, the ones who ran to the meth and weed, in order to get away.
I have recently read a book where a girl resorted to drugs because her dad sexually assulted her. She wished only to disappear without dieing. Her friends dad was addicted to wiskey. He wanted to get through the day pain free. Sure drugs can help you cover the pain but what are you getting in the long run? According to the Drug Project, doing a nationwide survey; 80,000 persons are killed a year from alcohol, half of that number (40,000)is how many persons die in automobile accidents. SO 80,000 people try to warp the world with alcohol...
With those numbers in your head, I ask, are drugs good or bad?


  1. I myself am on the fence, knowing the effects and seeing them in action terrify me, but seeing the pain cover up relives me; while I do not an have never done drugs, I have had a friend who did drugs and latter killed himself after being diagnosed with depression.

  2. Some drugs are good and some drugs are bad, it's best to stay away from anything addictive.

  3. I have mixed feelings about drugs to. While yes they have good uses there are ton of bad uses. Im sorry that your friend almost died from then I can relate (sorta) considering I myself almost died from drug use on over medication...It's definatley a fence line..and to be honest I agree with you chas I dont know where I stand.

  4. im talking about a substitute for suicide. Is it a good or bad substitute? for at least you are alive, and you scared me when i found out that you were addicted once, I think all drugs are bad, thats why i was always in pain during my surgery; I refused to take the luratabs abd percisets... I didnt want to be hooked for id feel weak... But looking at someone you love (eli can relate) knowing they feel the emotional and physical pain; wouldnt you rather them be drugged out of their mind than for them to be suicidal??

  5. I myself almost passed away from pharmaceutical use on over drugs. It's definatley a fencing range..and to be sincere I recognize with you chas I do not know where I take a position.

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