Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sinner's beloved friend

The wind allowed its fingers to run smoothly through my hair,
Reminding me of our first kiss;
Your lips teasing ‘kiss me if you dare.’
Tempting eternal bliss.

The time we spent together- so tragic yet so sweet,
Reminds me of winter flowers;
Shivering in the bitter cold,
But warmed as our lips meet.

You see yourself as a lone court jester,
Pasting smiles upon my face;
But just seeing you- my king,
Putting thy earths beauty to shame.

I could sit and listen to your voice,
Sing or speak with words;
Lifting my heart as you say my name,
Filling my soul with courage.

Oh dear prince who has come to rescue me,
A girl who needs no rescuing;
But who’s heart is filled with tempt and sin,
A sinners beloved friend.

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