Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dick Masterson

I was doing a little research for a speech I was preparing on sexual harassment, when I came across his book. ‘Men are better than women’ My first reaction to this book was anger of course being a women myself- but as I started reading the reviews for it, I found myself intrigued. I actually gave him props, I am so interested in this book that I am ordering it for Christmas!! A book that tells all the reasons why men are better than women- and in fact men are better at some things than women, but in turn, there are things that women are better at then men- even Dick Masterson has to agree with that.
After reading his blog and I cant say that I agree with everything he says but I do agree with the fact that women can enjoy his book just as much as men do.
If you haven’t read about this book then you should visit www.menarebetterthanwomen.com

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  1. I went to buy this book and barns and noble plus hastings WERE OUT!!! UGH! I had to order it...