Tuesday, October 26, 2010

on the bright side, I am now the girlfriend of a sex god

Fourteen year old, Georgia has just been dumped by the sex god. It goes threw her plans to get Robbie (Aka. Sex God)back...The Herring Plan! She lets herself become obsessed with the Plan that she starts fighting with her parents and her friend, Jas. Her life finally becomes so tangled that she Dumps the Herring Plan...

Threw the whole book your left wondering, Dose she get back with the incredibly handsome Sex God? Maybe, Maybe not...

This book was a little hard to explain as it is written with British vocabulary. Things like the loo and nuga-nugas (boobs) I would have been clueless if there had not been a dictionary in the back. The book is set for along middle schoolers although the language and terminology is for a more sophisticated reader such as high schoolers.

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