Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Looking for Alaska

Miles has just been sent to a bording school, full of oppertunities; he is tireed of his to safe life, spent inside with no friends. New teachers, new friends,new things to do, And The colonal and Alaska. Alaska is a manic girl who just wants to have fun and she finds it in the colonal and miles. As they're relationship begins to grow and miles becomes more comfortable in his surroundings they start to get in trouble. It is all about the prank here... Between the week day warriors and the regulars, it is about who is at the top with the best prank. THE PRANK is going to be the big one, it is the one that will take them to the top!!

It is a really good abook and full of action; It is tied with sadness and loaded with supense... Through the whole book miles is counting down to something, but what? What is worth counting down to? What is the ultimite prank??

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  1. This book made me cry. I bought it for a well loved friend and It made him cry too, he said john must have wrote it about me because of my manic tendences.... I was just like alaska. I love this book and It is an adventure on its own.