Saturday, January 16, 2010

our story

At first you were happy, excited and new,
But as the days ticked by and the months ran away you became someone else.

You were no longer the happy you,
You became obsessed with death, gore and violence.

You no longer smiled and you no longer jumped around,
You just became sad and depressed.

You were slightly mean and always angry,
You even said you hated people and you wished you’d die.

When you looked at me in the face all I seen was despair,
And I remember thinking ‘her life is so perfect so why is she so sad?’

I tried to tell myself it’s ok to stop crying,
But my heart was broke and I was lying.

I watched as the light in my eyes slowly dimmed,
And I listened to my friends begging me to give up yet again.

Truth is I love him,
No matter how sad I am I love him till the very bloody end.

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