Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Am, You Are

I am dead but alive,
i wonder of worlds unknown,
i hear birds sing in sound,
i see bunnies hopping around,
i want peace,
i am dead but alive.

i pretend to be happy and not sad,
i feel no more real,
i touch god's hand as he guieds my way,
i woory there'll be no better day,
i cry for teens lead astray,
i am dead but alive.

i understand the world revolves but not around me,
i say something sad and something funny,
i dream one day of a prince charming,
i hope for the kingdom comeing,
i am dead but alive.

You are here but always there,
you wonder of a hurtful tear,
you hear criess of lost ones,
you see rain in very drops,
you want the pain to stop,
you are here but always there.

you pretend to smile but not,
you feel no more real,
you touch a secret will,
you worry of the world at loss,
you cry for the reason to breath,
you are here but always there.

you understand your part of god's plan,
you say your feelings,
you dream of un realings,
you try to fight,
you hope to die through the night,
you are here but always there.

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