Thursday, January 21, 2010

Behind the music

I hide behinde the music,
with headphones in my ears,
and Iturn it up louder,
the more you near.

I don't want lose reality,
like the way i've lost you,
how everything and nothing seem to disappear,

(chours) oh, baby turn on the music,
let the rhythum take me away,
don't tell me it'll be alright,
cause i'm here crying today,

I can almost lie to myself,
when i hear the notes being played,
and i'm not folding over,
from the pain of loseing you.


theres so many things that remind me,
that your not comeing back,
like the way you look at me,
or how you force the facts,

it's the way you turn around,
and walk the other way,
it's way you yelled at me,
like every other day,

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