Monday, July 13, 2015

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Battered Butterflies in Print!!

I got the final proofs for Battered Butterflies before it goes to print! Here is the cover (minus the bio)! I am beyond excited and my chief designer, Caleb, has simply out done himself. I will be sure to let everyone know where they can buy their copy. Right now it looks like the sale price will be 17 dollars. Here are some interior sneak peaks so enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Little One

My back surgery will have to wait because my body is working on a project with ten little fingers and ten little toes. That's right, I am going to be a mommy and Jeremy is going to be a father. We are both very excited for the new addition to our family and very edger to find out what the sex is. The Ultrasound 8 Weeks was August the 6th. They took seven and a half vials of blood and did every test known to man kind. I have been going to the woman's hospital in Lexington Ky. It is part of Saint Joe East and my OB is Anthony Smith. They all treated me and my baby with care and was very gentle with me. It was quicker than I thought it would be and I was almost sad when it was over.

I am happy to announce though that after two weeks of throwing everything up and having lost 15 pounds since July 5th, I haven't thrown anything up in three days! Thank goodness because the baby was starting to wear me out. It isn't even an inch yet and I am already sick, losing sleep, and uncomfortable.

The baby does mean that the second novel may be delayed. I am sorry but priority. I am still working on it though, just a little slower.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Final Step

As you all know, I have a HORRIBLE back. I have been to see Tibbs twice now and we have come up with a solution. Fusion. A fusion is the final step; if this doesn't work then I give up and there is nothing more to do. People, I will not become a Iron Woman. Although Tibbs has assured me that I will be as good as new. I will have to spend at least two days in the hospital and I will then be in a brace, so get ready for that entry.He is going to replace my disc with some bone that he will drill out to make room for the titanium rod. This bone will grow and replace the disc that was once there. The rod will keep it from rubbing. The brace is simply so I cannot tear my stitches as I did both times before. Well and I can't move properly in a brace. After the second surgery Randall (Tibbs assistant) caught on to the fact that I do not take lightly to being told that I have to lay down and take a break. I am the assistant Manager of a restaurant and I have no time for that. I have been a great student, a loyal cook, a wonderful waitress, a dedicated back patient, and now hopefully a manager. I need a great back for the things I want to do with my life and I need this.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Old News

Just thinking about playing around with some of my old projects and stories, thinking about reviving some old characters like Kaleb Porter, The Lycan Prince. His story is a particular that i'd really like to play with. I've been thinking about beginnings and reconstructions all day long, It's driving me insane! Although this side project will be on the back burner because I for one am not all that thrilled to be facing that part of my life with a shovel again, it's important not to get carried away. That is the goal; use a shovel, not a bulldozer.

Anyways the things I have planned for the prince are far and wide, I cannot be sure what I will throw out the window and what I will keep so team work!! I need my writing crew and Word Press Divas to get in order and to get ready for everything I am about to throw their way. It is to be decided whether this project is going to be under my pen name or not; but until then I will treat it as Chastine Perkins writing.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Strength is the thing that is drawn from deep inside you when everything else fails. Strength is that feeling of regret that swallows all hopelessness up; it takes everything in you to push through a hazy curtain that knocks you down.  It is when there is nothing left but to throw yourself over a cliff to give everything you’ve been ever fighting for; when you can only sacrifice yourself to save the one thing you couldn’t possibly live without.
Strength is when you look into her beaten eyes and see only one answer, to lose yourself- When her pale skin is covered in blood and bruises, all you can see is a way out. It is that very moment when you can hear her heart beat and you decide it is worth the cost of living. There is no other way than to give your life to protect hers, to sell your very soul to free hers. The decision beyond all odds is when you are faced with life or death. Strength is leaving your family knowing that they are better off without you, tearing your heart out just to see them smile. Your family is all you have and it is nothing compared to what you will face.
In the end I knew a man who explained that strength is the essence in which you kill or be killed. It is the Bosses game and only can he change the rules. This man was one I came to hate as my strength left me. Damon, he was what stood between me and the Boss, right and wrong. He was what pushed me to the cliff with no questions; just self-sacrifice.

He warned me about this moment; the moment when I would be faced with a horrible decision. Kill or be killed. Too bad I’m not as strong as him.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Battered Butterflies Update

I can now get Author copies of my book. Physical copies y'all!! It will be in paper back but hey, Here is the cover. I know you arnt the only ones who are excited. All my facebook friends are excited too!

Tomorrow I will give you the prologue to 'Letters to a Father.' I plan to make it twice as long as the first book. As many of you know Battered Butterflies was a project that I didn't think would really go anywhere but it did and I am very proud.

Tomorrow I am also going to put some links up here to a very talented piano player\singer. His name is Kurt Hugo and I am absolutely in love with his work.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cloud Seven

I have fallen in love (figuratively)! I have found a blog that I know everyone else will love. It is called Cloud Seven. This blog is for gamers, Nerds, Bookies. Everything you love. I know because it is my own blog. I started it under my pen name, Kalia Hall. I share my favorite fanfiction on there as well as write my own.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Letters To A Father

The second book of the chained series is underway. It is about Aiden who, if you know, was the man who terrorized Olivia. You get to finally read about why he is that way.

Friday, November 30, 2012


Battered Butterflies can now be found at the "all famous" Barnes and Noble. I am both excited and bothered by this, as an author I worry about my work being good and liked but at the same time I am just enjoying the fact that people can now read it. You can buy it for as little as .99. I am a rebel, not; I write to write, not to make money. Yes I would like to say that the grammar is more than likely horrific since this book did not go through an editor. The third book, however, will go through one.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Foolish Traveller

Once upon a time, there was this foolish traveller, who’d gone on a journey, why was he foolish, well because he was fooled by everyone he met. “Please some money for medicine” said an old lady, and he gave money to her. Everywhere he went people made up all kinds of sad stories to tell him, and the traveller fell for every one of them, “I have a sick younger sister” a little girl said to him, “I don’t have money to buy seeds to plant in my fields” a man said to him, and he gave to them each something of his. Pretty soon his money, his clothes, even his shoes had been cheated away from him, but the foolish traveller was always glad to help, and he always told people the same thing, he said, “I wish you happiness”. But by this point though, the traveller was completely naked, and with nothing left to cover himself, he decided to leave the main road and travel through the dense forest, where no one could see him. But soon he was discovered by the goblins that lived in the woods. The goblins wanted to eat the traveller’s body, so they begged, and they pleaded, and they used kind words to try and trick him, of course, the traveller was fooled, first he let the goblins eat one of his legs, then an arm, then more and more, before it was over, all the traveller had left was his head. He’d even given his eyes away to the last of the goblins, and as that last goblin was eating the traveller’s eyes, he turned and said “Thank you traveller, in return I leave you this present”, what the goblin left was a slip of paper with the word “fool” written on it. The traveller couldn’t see it, he didn’t know what it was, even so, tears began to float of his face. “Thank you” he said, “This is the first present anyone’s ever given me, I’m so happy, I’m so happy thankyou”. Even without his eyes, he cried and he cried great tears of joy. Then the traveller died… the smile is still on his face. …I feel so sorry for him, see… lost, hardship, things like that, you can’t really focus on them. The traveller didn’t, he never thought about his own troubles at all, I imagine that it probably does sound foolish to some people, but not to me. I don’t think he’s foolish at all, even though other people would probably think he was being tricked, I don’t think he was, I think he did exactly what he wanted to do… I think more than anything he just wanted to make other people happy.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

Review: When young college student Anastasia Steel is hassled into interviewing a handsome billionaire she gets more than expected. She is sent ‘head over heels’ for Christian Grey and ultimately drawn to his secrecy, and even better when he is drawn to her sweet, reluctant personality. The two step into a relationship where Christian Grey shows Anastasia a whole new world. She is excited by his sexual taste and his forbidden world moves her to learn more about him, motivates her to get closer. Conclusion: I thoroughly enjoyed it despite women telling me I was a freak and men asking if they could have “some of that.” This book isn’t for children it is very mature and let’s just say; frankly, it is a porn book but that’s ok. Everyone needs a little excitement in their life.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Stupid Pain

Please take note that I am very mad and very upset. Before going any farther in my spill about life I would like to take this time to apologize to everyone who I offend, make fun of, upset, or disencourage. It was not my intention to be this way but in my defense; like everyone else- I am brainwashed. Here is the truth. I am happy. I am kind. I am loving. I never thought this would happen to me. I never meant to let it get this far. I never wanted it to be like this nor did I mean to hurt you. I never meant to scream or cry or make myself utterly sick. It just happened that way. Everything has gone wrong horrible. for starters I lost my boyfriend of three years. When you run to him in tears because you feel insecure (on your three year anniversary) because he has been spending more time with another girl than you. You dont expect him to simply say he needs time away from you. And if this has never happened to you then congradulations, im proud. But the only way to describe it (forgive me world) is like watching twilight. How many people loved twilight before it was popular? Before the movies. before the cults? How many of you felt your insides wrench when edward left and told bella not to do anything stupid? Ok, this is exactly how I felt. He literally took my swollen,mascara smeared, red face in his hands and said "Chas, just don't do anything stupid." ARE YOU SERIOUS?! This was wrong on a couple of different levels; first being that when we met the first words he said to me were 'please don't kill yourself.' And the second level is the fact that yes he just quoted twilight in a time of Crisis pain. I wanted to punch him so bad but I couldnt even look at him because I was doubled over in pain, I was gagging, coughing and in a sense dieing. Everything that had been said between us just came crashing down in the time of an hour or so. He said he needed time to think, anyone who has heard this phrase come out of their lovers mouth knows that it means 'I need time to figure out how to break up with you and feel good about it.' Who does that? I blame society for my pain by the way. If people didnt wrap their life around the idea of love then we wouldn't have 'heart break' death cases. I'm not saying I am going to die. I am saying the world has brainwashed us. Our love was real and still is real but it was over run by commercials for engagement rings and romance books and the need to be a perfect partner. Soap operas show us that it is ok to break peoples heart even if it breaks ours to. If you love someone don't worry there is another person you could love just the same! THIS IS THE END OF OUR GENERATION! Now days people are gettingmarried at the ages of sixteen and seventeen. I am so proud that I am not married yet! Yes, I take pride in that but I would like to have started a life with him. It was all I could do to show him how much I loved him for real. What happens when our children start marrying at the age of ten or eleven because folks thats where it is headed. Now I know many of you are thinking 'Jesus this woman is going off because some guy doesn't love her.' I am not taking it out on the world. Trust me, you would hate to see that one. I woke up this morning and decided I wasn't going to let anyone know how hurt I was. I got up a hour earlier, I fixed braekfast including some for a girl in the lobby and then I participated more in class. I gavemy opinion on a ton of things and I genuinly fake smiled. I sat outside under a big oak tree and read some of my book, hid in my favorite spot on campus (no one can find me) and did homework. I cried, yes I did. Crying is essential and healthy even though you feel like shit shit.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Human Trafficking

For those who have no earthy idea what Human Trafficking means let me take a moment to enlighten you on the ignorance you've been harboring. Human Trafficking- "Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings, mainly for the purposes of sexual exploitation, bonded or forced labor. It has been identified as the fastest growing criminal industry in the world and is second only to drug trafficking as the most profitable." -Dream Project Foundation ex. money, drugs, a truck! (That's right, it was a pun at Putnam County, kentucky) Now that your are possibly awake and wondering why my blog contains such a graphic subject we can move on. Human trafficking happens all over the world (see end of article) not just in big cities or in third world countries. Human trafficking in it's self with a unharmed and over 18 victim is a class D felony. If the victim becomes harmed then the charge becomes a class C. If the victim is a minor (below the age of 18) then the charge is raised one level higher. -Links- 1.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Westboro Babtist Church

May 7th, 2012, Private Dustin Gross sadly died in combat. He had been stationed in afghanistan, Ghanzi Province, for 42 days before his vehicle hit a roadside bomb, killing five; He graduated from Montgomery County high school june 2011. Westboro Babtist Church arrvied in Mt. Sterling to protest his coming home. The group has earned the hated lable of 'Cult.' This anti-gay group was lead by sherly Phleps, the church pastor is Fred Phelps. They stayed at the Ramada Inn. Mt. Sterling was in an uproar as the group assymbled to protest his body's return, the visitation, and his funeral. This church goes from city to city protesting the funerals of fallen soliders. What fallen soliders have anything to do with Gay rights is beyond me. They died for our country and they died to protect morons like the westboro idiots. This church\cult needs to be protested against and shut down. They are taking the first amendment and twisting it so they can hate on our only protection and harrass greiving Americans. They are unethical and a "disgrace to the word of god." My friend and I have been fighting hard against this church, although our attempts are seeming more and more mundan. We are trying to raise awareness about this church\cult and finding ways to potentually shut them down. They clam to be children of god but God hates no one. God clearly states in the bible to love your enemy as yourself and threat your enemies body as you would want them to treat yours. Where does it say that celebrating a soldires death and protesting their eternal rest is right? I've read the bible and no where did I see that memo. They are ruining the good book by putting it in these hateful rallies, they are cowards for hiding behinde the "Word of god" and saying what they wish. These rallies are nothing more than hate rallies and must be stopped. I didn't know that these people where even on the radar before Dustin's funeral but I know now and I will use my body, heart, religon, will, and faith to stop them. The slodiers family should be able to moarn in peace and without the harrassment of Sherly, Fred phelps! Please help me raise awarness about this and if you see them protesting then do what you can to stop them, counter-protest but I encourage you not to touch them. They get money from sueing over assults.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dr. Horrible

For those Nerds like me who enjoy musicals, I have a great one fore you. Late one night Nick (Friend) popped in a CD and started singing to it full blast. He then later explained to me that it was the sound track to a musical called Dr. Horrible. After looking it up and watching it on Netflix (yes it is on there) I fell in love with it. I immediatly ordered the soundtrack and downloaded the song "My freeze ray" to my phone. The musical is beautifully plotted and amazingly constructed. If you are interested in 'How I met your mother' than you may just love this, romantics too. Dr. Horrible, an aspiring supervillain with his own video blog, is attempting to join the prestigious Evil League of Evil (led by the legendary "thoroughbred of sin", Bad Horse), but his plans are usually foiled by the egotistical superhero Captain Hammer. Horrible's life is thrown for a loop when he falls in love with Penny, a beautiful and optimistic advocate for the homeless he meets at the laundromat, a situation which complicates itself even further when Penny begins dating the boorish, oafish Hammer after he apparently saves her life. Faced with the task of impressing the League, can Horrible overcome his own incompetence to ruin the day, kill the hero, and still get the girl? (Ted Z.)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Letters of insanity I

You’re not the nicest man I’ve ever met, but you’re by far the kindest. A nice man would have stopped me, but as a kind guy you put me at ease and held me. Men always fall into one of two categories: naughty or nice, wrong or right, hot or cold, and scared or bold. You’re naughty, wrong, hot, and bold; I am the exact opposite as it goes for girls.

The dark concealed my fear, but your headlights showed my passion. After we parted I gingerly touched my lips where yours had been moments before. The fear hadn’t set in until I had left, after your car had gone and your voice had disappeared from my mind.

In a way it makes me sad, to know that we’ll never be together but in a way I am glad as well. You scared me, and the truth is I’m terrified. The thought of being alone with you paralyzes me, your touch can bring me to tears and your kiss kills me. I hate the way you can so easily look at me with love and turn around to her and pretend nothing is different.

I could lie in bed and cry for hours over you but I’ll never let you know. You’d be to kind to me; you’d hold me and tell me it’ll be ok, even when I know it won’t. It’ll never be ok as long as we are together. I’ll always lose sleep because of you, I’ll always toss and turn in bed because of you and I’ll always be sad because of you. The truth is, your love will drive me to insanity.

If you ever read this, let me make it clear; I will always forgive you as long as you stay here. You don't have to worry about hurting me, you dont have to fear my fear. All i want is for you to love me, stay with me and hold me. In the morning i'll regret it, but i'll die if your not near.

The struggles

Every now and then,
I want to feel the pain,
I let my self wonder,
How the hell have you been.

I put your music on,
listen to your voice,
let anger bubble inside me,
cause you left me no choice.

I always have to be strong,
I never could break down,
I was never allowed to cry,
you made me into a clown.

You never took my hand,
you never hid my tears,
you never made me better,
and you never conqured my fears.

A real man would have helped me,
A real man would have said,
"Baby i'll make it better,
just lay with me in bed."

But you threw words at me,
You hurt me in the worst way.
You called me provocative terms,
and so your as low as worms.

So every now and then,
I let my walls come down,
I hit my knees and wonder,
What if you had never left town.

Where would we be,
If you were still here.
Would I still be hurting,
or would i be drown in your flirting?

Yes, just every now and then,
I have to hide the pain,
I wash my hands clean,
and leave your memory in the drain.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Raining on Samuel

For thoses who may know and even those who may not, Raining on Samuel is my newest book. It is not out yet but it is currently being edited and revised. It is about the after math of a kidnapping; Gabbi had been missing for three months until one day she was found wandering the streets unaware of who or where she was. Her therapist Cy vows to help and protect her but what should he do when she needs protecting from himself as well as the rest of the world? Gabbi's world has become nonsense and everything has turned upside down.

"Gabbi, if you take care of your mind then I can take care of the voice that rules it and if you trust me then I can take care of the pain; but only if you trust me."

Intiment moments like this take my heart as well as my readers, or group of editors, on wild rides. I can already tell that Raining on Samuel is going to be better than my first book in many aspects.

Honestly I fell in love with Cy, amazed by how he acts and how he feels. He may just be a character in a book but he has his own life and story between the pages. Anyone who has been in the room with me while I worked on this book knows that I (metephorically) close my eyes and let my mind wander. I am just a third person observer, no say in the matter, writing down what I see. granted that Raining on Samuel is 100% fictious, I still relationship with my characters.

"I am still waiting for you to hate me in the morning."

Friday, February 24, 2012

The mating

The mating is a werewolf ebook. When Elise finds herself suddenly arranged to be mated to Kane, she is devistated. Elise is forced to leaver her family and friends behind to live with a complete stranger. Things don't go well and she isn't happy about sharing a bed with a strange alpha. They have to learn to work out their differences; Elise needs to get her temper under control and Kane needs to get his wolf under control.